Advanced Booking System

Designed for any business that requires booking. The days of worrying about booking management will be over with this new system

If you offer services that require appointments or reservations, such as professional services or medical services or even spa treatments, we can develop a booking system that simplifies the scheduling process.

Robust System with Cutting-Edge Technology

With our website solutions, you can attract more customers, increase your revenue, and streamline your operations. All bookings are streamlined into one robust online system which is accessible from any device anywhere and at any time. Complete online solutions for the best digital experience.

Best Online Booking system by VEROTICS

Simplify Creating Booking

  • Create Boundless Meetings | Depending on the industry needs, create unlimited amount of meetings and bookings
  • Multiple Meeting Types | Set meeting type for single to multiple or vice versa that suits with your niche
  • A Canvas to Create All Types of Seating Plan
  • Unlimited Number of Seat Maps | Create numerous visual seat plans to represent your sessions and business.
Best Online Booking system by VEROTICS

Simplify Selling Booking

  • Multiple Tier Ticket Pricing | Define different pricing based on the ticket type
  • Receive Payments Through Payment Gateway Online | The best biometric checkout
  • Get Notifications Through Email | Get automatic email notifications before meetings, after the booking has been rescheduled, and booking cancellation
Best Online Booking system by VEROTICS

Simplify Managing Booking

  • Unlimited Staff Members | Register an unlimited number of staff members for your business.
  • Manage Availability | Avoid the confusion of your users by setting up your availability and absence schedule
  • Staff User Profile | Each staff member will have their own profile with their information and have their own unique username and password.
Best Online Booking system by VEROTICS
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