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Investing in a professional online presence is a smart business move in today’s digital landscape. With our cutting-edge website solutions, you can enhance your brand image, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more growth and success for your business. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can take your online presence to the next level.

Project Life-cycle

Step 1: Start

Choose the appropriate solution. Prepare initial requirements and schedule a meeting. Demo is available upon request. A quotation will be prepared for your tailored solution.

Step 2: Contract

Next step is to sign a contract and pay online. View and approve the contract, which detailed the requirements, price and duration of the project.

Step 3: Requirement

After receiving the payment, we will conduct commencement meeting to go over UX and UI design. Our online solutions are tailored to your business requirements.

Step 4: Development

UX design of the website.
UI design - Theme and structure of pages.
Systems functionalities.

Step 5: Testing

It's time to test the functionality of your website and systems. Our team will explain the UX design and will listen to your feedback and comments.

Step 6: Approval

Final approval of all designs and functionalities.
Sign project approval document

Step 7: Training

Tailored training.
Total of 8 hours.
Can be divided into multiple sessions.

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Step 8: Go live

Final step, handoff and training. Have full control over the functionality of your e-commerce website. Our team will work closely with you in the best possible way

VEROTICS Robust Custom online solutions for Corporates, Restaurants, SME and Freelancers


Boost Your Online Presence with Our Cutting-Edge Website Solutions

Our online solutions are not limited to specific industries or company sizes. We cater to restaurants, small businesses, and medium-sized companies alike. We understand that each business has unique needs and challenges, which is why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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Custom websites integrated with online systems. All-in-one online solutions.

Websites Features

Online Systems

Add functionality to your website to automate business operations.


The Best Online CRM System. Modular Cloud Solution. Nurture your contacts and grow your business. This system has all the tools you need to grow your business. It is also customizable to suit your needs. Add custom fields, categories, and tags to classify your contacts.

Appointment Scheduling System

Designed for all types of businesses. Simplify Offering Appointments to Clients. Complete online solutions for the best digital experience.
* Fully-customizable booking form.
* Unlimited number of Services which you can group into categories.

Restaurant Online Ordering & Reservation System

Are you looking to take your restaurant’s online presence to the next level? Look no further! Our website solutions are designed to help restaurants create a strong and impactful online presence. Whether you’re in need of a stunning web design, an e-commerce development for online ordering and reservations, we have you covered.
With our website solutions, you can attract more customers, increase your revenue, and streamline your operations

Events & Ticketing System

If you host events or offer special promotions at your restaurant, having an event and ticketing system can greatly simplify the process. Our website solutions include the development of event and ticketing systems that allow you to manage and sell tickets online. With our system, you can easily create and manage events, set ticket prices, and track ticket sales. Our event and ticketing systems are designed to make your life easier and help you maximize attendance for your events.

Advanced Booking System

Another popular service we provide is booking systems. If you offer services that require appointments or reservations, such as spa treatments or professional services, we can develop a booking system that simplifies the scheduling process. Our user-friendly interface allows your customers to easily book appointments online, eliminating the need for phone calls and manual scheduling.

Recruitment - Job Opening System

The best online system to post job openings. Designed for any business that requires recruitment. The days of worrying about recruitment will be over. Streamline job applications into a robust system.


HR | Accounting | CRM | Online ERP System.

HR Management provides Easy Employee Management for your company. Detailed Employee Profile, Leave Request, Promotion, Increment, Performance Logs, Announcement, Email Notification, HR Report, and more!

Accounting System takes total control of your company’s finances in real-time. Manage customers, vendors, sales, expenses, bank accounts, and various reports. Make transactions, generate invoices, and pay employees from anywhere at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, please contact us. We are always here to listen to you!

Online systems are integrated with WordPress websites.

  1. Choose whether you want a custom business website or a custom e-commerce website.
  2. Choose which systems you want to add to your custom website.

Contact us to provide your business information and requirements. You can do so by filling the contact form, or by scheduling a meeting


Next step is to sign a contract detailing website and systems functionalities and features, duration of the project and the price. Once the contract is signed, we will conduct a commencement meeting to check over the initial details, then proceed with works as stated.


Once you are ready to proceed, create an account, then choose which solution best suits your business. Add item to cart, view cart, proceed to checkout, agree to terms and conditions, and then select “Quick Checkout” and place order.

The complete lifecycle of the project varies depending on the tailored solution and is around 28 days. The duration may vary depending on the response time for each stage of the project. Any delay from the client will result in delay to the project completion date. 

  • Commercial registration (CR)
  • VAT number, if applicable
  • IBAN certificate
  • Contact information
  • E-commerce authentication certificate

Payment is due after placing your order

  • Option 1: You can pay online through our website e-payment system. 
  • Option 2: Bank transfer

Note: Cash payments are not allowed.

The project life cycle consists of 8 stages, which are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Initial requirements
  • Stage 2: Contract
  • Stage 3: Final Requirements
  • Stage 4: Development
  • Stage 5: Testing
  • Stage 6: Approval
  • Stage 7: Training
  • Stage 8: Go live

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