Ordering and Reservation System for Restaurants

Our custom websites are designed to help restaurants streamline orders and reservations into robust systems.

Simplify your customer’s experience of ordering food and/or making reservations online with our custom websites for restaurants.


Choose the right plan for you.


Yearly Subscriptions

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Robust Custom online solutions Restaurants Online ordering, online payment, online reservations, wishlist, loyalty program, points and rewards system.

Robust System with Cutting-Edge Technology

All orders and reservations are streamlined into one robust online system which is accessible from any device anywhere and at any time. We develop custom online solutions for best digital experience.

  • Menu System with Stock Management
  • Ordering System with Online Payment
  • Reservation system
  • Points and Rewards System
  • Wishlist
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Dynamic Notification
  • Digital Invoices
  • Multiple Users with Custom Roles and Capabilities
  • Customer Profile with Order History and Invoices
VEROTICS Custom E-commerce websites Development for Restaurants, SME and Freelancers
Online ordering and reservation system for restaurants Online reservations

Simplify Creating Menu

MENU System
  • Real-time Menu Sync
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Customizable products
  • Customizable coupons
  • Stock Management
  • QR code for menu
  • QR codes for each table
E-commerce for Restaurants Online Ordering and Reservation System

Simplify Selling

Ordering System
  • Order types: dine-in | pickup
  • Online Order Methods: QR Table Ordering | Mobile Ordering
  • Accept online payment through biometric checkout
  • Allow ordering without registration
  • Reward customers with points
  • Tipping Option
E-commerce for Restaurants Online Ordering and Reservation System

Simplify Reservation

Reservation System
  • Customizable reservation form
  • Table reservation option
  • Automate online reservation 24/7
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce phone calls | Minimize no show
  • Manage reservations in real-time
  • Manage Multiple Locations
E-commerce for Restaurants Online Ordering and Reservation System


Select your Plan

Custom websites integrated with Ordering and Reservations systems.


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Annual Plan

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Annual Plan


SR 400 / month

Annual Plan

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