Online Business Systems

Online Business Systems

Cloud systems integrated with WordPress websites

ERP System

HR | Accounting

CRM System

Annual | Lifetime plan

Appointment Scheduling

Annual | Lifetime plan

Job Opening

Annual | Lifetime plan

Ordering and Reservation

Annual | Lifetime plan

Event and Ticketing

Annual | Lifetime plan

Advanced Booking

Annual | Lifetime plan


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, please contact us. We are always here to listen to you!

These online systems are integrated with WordPress websites.

  1. Choose whether you want a custom business website or a custom e-commerce website.
  2. Choose which systems you want to add to your custom website.

Contact us to provide your business information and requirements. You can do so by filling the contact form, or by scheduling a meeting


Next step is to sign a contract detailing website and systems functionalities and features, duration of the project and the price. Once the contract is signed, we will conduct a commencement meeting to check over the initial details, then proceed with works as stated.


Once you are ready to proceed, create an account, then choose which solution best suits your business. Add item to cart, view cart, proceed to checkout, agree to terms and conditions, and then select “Quick Checkout” and place order.

The complete lifecycle of the project varies depending on the tailored solution and is around 28 days. The duration may vary depending on the response time for each stage of the project. Any delay from the client will result in delay to the project completion date. 

  • ERP system price depends on the number of employees and the number of modules required. Annual plan is available only.
  • All other systems have lifetime licenses. The price is SR 5,000 for each system and to be paid once.

Payment is due after placing your order/signing a contract.

  • Option 1: You can pay online through our website e-payment system. 
  • Option 2: Bank transfer

Note: Cash payments are not allowed.

The project life cycle consists of 8 stages, which are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Initial requirements
  • Stage 2: Contract
  • Stage 3: Final Requirements
  • Stage 4: Development
  • Stage 5: Testing
  • Stage 6: Approval
  • Stage 7: Training
  • Stage 8: Go live
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